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Zithromax has been designed for the retreatment of bacterial infections in adults and children, particularly sexually transmitted diseases, tonsillitis, skin infections, pneumonia, strep throat, ear infections, middle ear infection or respiratory infections. Your doctor is supposed to be aware of any other medical issues you have before the treatment can be started, especially a history of Long QT syndrome, myasthenia gravis, heart rhythm disorder, liver disease or kidney disease. If you are also taking calcium channel blockers, phenytoin, alprazolam, HIV medicines, cholesterol-lowering medicines, theophylline, pimozide, carbamazepine, warfarin, triazolam, diazepam, ergot medicine, triazolam, other antibiotics, digoxin or cyclosporine, make sure your doctor is aware of that fact to see if any tests are required.

When you take Zithromax, you need to make sure the routine is always the same. It's important that you take Zithromax for as long as recommended without exceeding the dose. If you take too much of Zithromax in any cases, you may get stomach discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea or nausea and will have to seek emergency medical help. The following are some of the possible mild side effects of Zithromax you may develop in some cases: dizziness, problems with hearing, diarrhea, decreased sense of smell, stomach upset, nervous feeling, mild itching, constipation, mild nausea, vomiting, headache, skin rash, insomnia or vaginal itching. Usually, there is no reason to worry about them because they are most likely to go away on their own.

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